Hallelujah Monkeyz Podcast – The Prodigal Son Returns: The Cass Browne Interview

I wouldn’t be doing the Gorillaz fan community justice without a shoutout to fancast Hallelujah Monkeyz. You can listen to all their episodes here on Spotify!

Trevor Ikrath and Dillon Flynn started the podcast during 2017, right before the time that Humanz came out. Here they are:

Although they’re on a bit of a hiatus now (but hey, so is Gorillaz), I wanted to bring attention to my favorite episode — the one they did with Cass Browne.

Cass Browne was an essential part of the Gorillaz family from 2001 to 2012. He performed with the live band, and was also responsible for much of the Gorillaz lore (penning the autobiography Rise of the Ogre in 2006).

HM amazingly managed to get Cass on the phone to talk about things like Charts of Darkness, the cancelled Gorillaz movies, and the planned ending to Phase 3 (along with some more details that got scrapped, such as the “Book of MAN” — or the Book of Murdoc Alphonse Niccals). The episode is epic – you can listen below:

I wonder who Hallelujah Monkeyz will feature next? My hunch is that it’s someone pretty great…

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