Gorillaz News: Sunday, September 1, 2019

After last week’s break, there’s some cool stuff to report on!

New this week:

Episode 3: Return of the Geep

The Geep returns! This time, in Japan. We saw the camo car this past week in a tasty teaser for the upcoming episode of “Gorillaz in Space.” According to the recent G-Shock newsletter, the third episode will feature the four in another intergalactic adventure. Whether the Geep will actually play a part in the episode, or is just a prop for the episode/ad teaser is up in the air. Regardless, it’s still fun to see. The last time we saw the Geep was in the basement of Gorillaz’ new hideout, during Noodle’s Jaguar campaign. It looks like it’s undergone some adjustments since then:

According to G-Shock, the episode will be out (along with the new collab watches) on September 18.

G-Shock Competition

On the subject of G-Shock, it was announced today (September 1, 2019), that G-Shock are offering a lucky winner the chance to win one of the two watch designs along with a bag full of Gorillaz merch. To sign up, go to https://g-shock.co.uk/gorillaz and enter at the bottom of the page.


Two Gorillaz fan artists posted animation experiments on Instagram this week. How cool are these?

Podunk’s Archive

Gorillaz fan Podunk (discord tag podunk#9014) is spreading Gorillaz history to all by creating a MEGA archive of Gorillaz rarities, stems, videos, audio, etc. from over the years. I was particularly thrilled to see the stems from Gor Beaten! You can access everything at this link. Thank you so much Podunk!!! The fandom appreciates you. πŸ™‚

Demon Days and Plastic Beach: Now in Picture Vinyl!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted that both Demon Days and Plastic Beach vinyl were on Amazon with higher prices, and a release date of October 4, 2019? It turns out that these will both be picture vinyl releases! Fans are curious which art they will actually use for the albums. Apparently the vinyl will release as early as September 13 in Australia — see glz_news’ post on this below:

Here are the Amazon US listings, which still say October 4 release:

Demon Days

Plastic Beach

New Track from Five Point Five

Gorillaz-inspired musical group Five Point Five have released another song on Youtube! This one is called Dual Sympathy:

Excited for the album to drop!

Happy 14th, DARE!

Gorillaz reminded us with a tweet/instagram post 2 days ago that it was the 14th anniversary of DARE! I still remember seeing the video for the first time — it remains one of my favorites to this day. Here’s some fan art I saw:

Gorillaz Tribute from The Punisher

u/George-Clegane on Reddit posted that Marvel comic The Punisher has made a shout-out to Gorillaz:

Always nice to see Gorillaz referenced in other media! πŸ˜€


Facebook account Hewlett’s Art posted an apparent picture of Denholm’s documentary with the caption “Strides.”

This was posted yesterday, August 31, after Denholm took down a video in his instagram story which also teased some black and white footage of the documentary:

I wonder what “strides” means — maybe they’re making strides in getting it released to public? We know by know that the documentary is done, so the next thing we’re wondering is… when is it out? According to Denholm’s website, it still says its on track for 2019.

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