#throwbackthursday NoodleFight!

Released March 2001, NoodleFight was a side scrolling game created by Zombie Flesh Eaters to promote the release of Gorillaz’ self-titled album. If I remember correctly, you could play NoodleFight! in Kong Studios, and it also came as an extra on the self-titled CD.

Per MobyGames:

NoodleFight is a side-scrolling platform game starring Gorillaz band member Noodle. During the shoot for the music video of Clint Eastwood, the co-star stunt ghoulies get carried away and drag off Murdoc to their lair. It’s up to Noodle to track Murdoc down and return him safely to Gorillaz’ KONG Studios. The player is simply required to get from one side of the level to the other by jumping over obstacles and across gaps. The player controls Noodle primarily with the arrow keys to jump, and more left and right. The player starts the game with 3 lives and 3 continues, the player can find additional lives that they can pick up in each level. Once the player runs out of lives and continues it’s game over, and the player has to start the game from the very beginning.

13 year old me remembers playing this game frustratedly on her old iMac (I could never win!) Anyway, the game still runs on Flash and you can download it here!

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