Gorillaz News: Sunday, July 28, 2019

New this week:

Watching for Watches

News broke this past Tuesday when Reddit user, u/Grebsonn, posted an apparent leak of a Now Now watch. This watch is listed on eBay and its seller is apparently a reputable G-Shock reseller. The pictures look pretty legitimate!

It remains unconfirmed whether this is an official watch and whether we will be getting another set of Gorillaz G-Shocks. However, signs point to the fact that we should be expecting round two. After all, the most recent G-Shock promo did say “to be continued,” and a Chilean article said we will be expecting new watches in 2019:

FW: How long is this alliance? And do you plan to design new watches in conjunction with Gorillaz this year?

WH: This alliance will last all of 2019. We are already meeting again with the band to see what we can generate this year, I assure you there will be surprises.

(Translated using Google)

Fans have different theories on what the new set of G-Shock watches could look like. My favorite theory is that we will have different watches representing color schemes for each Gorillaz album. Think: camo or a red/green color scheme for S/T.

What do you think? Is this watch real? When will the new line of watches be announced?

Weekly Fan Art

Lots of really nice work from this week! Here are just a few favorites:

N o s t a l g i a ☆彡

Check out these pixelated, vaporwave-esque videos of nostalgic Gorillaz tracks. These were posted by N o s t a l g i c_N o i r AKA @rolonesnostalgicos on Facebook:

Evywubs Patreon

Evywubs, creator of the Gorillaz AU comic on Instagram has made a Patreon! The plan is to digitize, and color out the entirety of the comic in full HD color. The Patreon account serves to help cover utilities, or other essentials, so the artist can have more time to be able to work on the project. You can help support Evywubs here.

MTV Essential Gorillaz Documentary

Until now, we’ve only had a poor quality, foreign copy of this documentary with subs. Shmoopatties on Youtube has just uploaded a much better quality of a 2006 Demon Days-era documentary from MTV. Damon and Jamie talks about the history and successes of Gorillaz. Thanks to kwangx from G-U for uncovering this. Enjoy!

Vinyl Haven

Dig your turntables out, folks. Shane from Gorillaz For Beginners made an astute observation — it’s been the first time since Demon Days that you can buy all major Gorillaz albums on vinyl. S/T, Demon Days, Plastic Beach, The Fall, Humanz and The Now Now are all available online and in stores (the Fall was recently reissued on July 19th).

5/4 Redux

Reddit user u/Never0Alone is recreating the 5/4 visuals from the Phase 1 tour! It sounds like the video will be a mix of the live visuals and the original 5/4 storyboard. Check out the teaser here – looking forward to it!

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