#throwbackthursday Gorillaz Live in Seattle and San Francisco, 2002

From March 22, 2001 to March 11, 2002, Gorillaz toured their first album — 21 shows in total. This was the only tour where the live band members were silhouetted behind a big screen while visuals played to the music. For example — this was from their first gig at the Scala in London:

Interestingly, this was also the only tour that included the characters’ voice actors. Due to budgeting issues, only Haruka Kuroda (voice of Noodle) was able to attend the North American portion of the tour, but she sang, acted and spoke as Noodle during the show. Remi Kabaka also provided Russel’s voice during short intermissions.

I happen to have two audio recordings from the North American tour! The first recording is from the March 5, 2002 show in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre. This is a recording that I’ve had for years, first sent to me back in the early 2000’s on a Blur message board. Although the audio quality isn’t great, it’s still fun to listen to. Download the Seattle recording here.

The second recording is from the show 2 days later, March 7, 2002, at The Warfield in San Francisco. This recording was provided by my friend Must :). Download the San Francisco recording here.

Show Setlists:

  1. M1 A1
  2. Tomorrow Comes Today
  3. Slow Country
  4. 5/4
  5. Starshine
  6. Man Research (Clapper)
  7. Sound Check (Gravity)
  8. Re-Hash
  9. Clint Eastwood (with Jamal Gray)
  10. Rock the House (with Jamal Gray)
  11. Dracula
  12. 19-2000
  13. Punk
  14. 5/4 (Reprise)
  15. Clint Eastwood(with Jamal Gray) (Reprise)

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