Gorillaz News: Sunday, July 7, 2019

New this week:

Summer is here folks! It’s been real hot the past few days. You know what else was hot this week?

New Gorillaz Art!

Jamie bestowed us with new art this week! It caught the fandom by surprise as we hadn’t seen anything since May 8th, when Jamie posted the picture of 2D holding a deer. Jamie added the below picture to Instagram Monday:

It’s a continuation of the 2D/deer photo, as seen here:

In fact, artist Glow quickly and helpfully stitched the two pieces together:

Hopefully we get to see the image in full soon, with Russel included. Speculation has it that this is the promotional picture for the upcoming documentary. A trusted source tells me that this may have been used for the 2nd edition of G magazine, but that idea was scrapped. We will need to wait and see!

There were a lot of fun reactions to the picture in the fandom, but this was my favorite:

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Me rn #gorillazmemes #gorillaz #gorillazmeme

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Fantastic Fanart

Here are a few pieces that really leapt out at me this week:

The Last of the Lost Tapes (For Now Now)

We finally have the last bunch of lost tapes from Phase 2! For now at least… there are still another seven tapes (also from Phase 2), but plans are being made to nab them. This is what we saw this week:

The Slow Boat to Hades DVD Teaser:

All four Demon Days promotional idents:

…As well as for Ukranian TV channels:

The Search for a Star Gorillaz Bite, edited down to different lengths:

Video from a winner of the Search for a Star campaign:

Gorillaz for Beginners provides an explanation of what the prizes were for those that won the Search for a Star contest.

Gorillaz 101 Back With a Third Episode

Created by Jordan Powers of Gorillaztrivia, Gorillaz 101 covers necessary and obscure facts on all things Gorillaz. This week’s episode is centered on Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett and their side projects (or attempted side projects), the cultural references made to their work, and the way they’ve impacted various musicians and artists around the world.

Top 10 Gorillaz Remixes

This week, EverythingGorillaz compiled their top 10 of all Gorillaz remixes (there have been many!) They have a lot of really good picks, and we are just about to get to their number 1. Check out all of them by clicking on their instagram below:

Alternative Universe Plastic Beach

User Evywubs has been cranking out a wonderful/beautifully written comic on Instagram — it’s an alternative universe involving a cyborg 2D, the Evangelist, and a very evil Boogeyman. The comic is still a work in progress, but you can read it all on Evywubs’ Instagram account:

Haruka Kuroda in Barclay’s Ad

The amazing Gorillaz fancast, Hallelujah Monkeyz, had Noodle’s voice actor Haruka Kuroda on their show about 7 months ago. In the interview, Haruka revealed that Gorillaz strangely never called her back when they needed a Noodle voice actor for the G-Shock interview. Instead, they used a friend of Kuroda’s, Haruka Abe. Abe did a great job – no hard feelings – but we want the OG Noodle back!

Either way, Kuroda is still very much around, and recently appeared/voiced in a Barclay’s Bank ad:

Monkey Transitions Unearthed

Not Gorillaz news, but still very much related. Must from Gorillaz-Unofficial recently found some of the original transitions used during the Monkey: Journey to the West opera (created by the Chinese actor and director Chen Shi-Zheng along with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett).

These animations were used as transitions between scenes, to likely display things that couldn’t be recreated on stage, and also to give time for set changes.

Here is where Monkey travels underwater to obtain a weapon worthy of his self-proclaimed status as “Great Sage Equal to Heaven.”
Here is Monkey leaving the sea with his new weapon (the iron rod).
In this scene, Buddha makes a bet with Monkey, saying that if he can jump out of Buddha’s palm, Monkey can rule heaven. But if Buddha wins, Monkey shall be banished under a mountain. Leaping off Buddha’s hand, Monkey flies as far as he can until reaching 5 pillars which he believes to mark the edge of the universe – graffitiing and pissing on them for good measure.

Thank you to Shane from Gorillaz for Beginners for helping me out with these descriptions!

Gorillaz for Dummiez

User u/Black-Breadbear on Reddit found a real treasure this week: a page on Gorillaz in an old English textbook. However, the copy is extremely (and hilariously) watered down. What do you expect from a school textbook, though?

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