Gorillaz-Unofficial Interview with Jamie Hewlett

Demon Dayz LA took place on October 20, 2018. At the festival, Gorillaz-Unofficial (G-U) members Ziyed Hedfi and Ryan Hughes were lucky to sit down for an interview with Jamie Hewlett! They spoke to him about the future of Gorillaz (including a secret project that could be in the works), possible collaborators, feelings on fan comments, and disappointment surrounding Ace’s character (although this may not be the end of him!)

The Gorillaz-Unofficial community also took the opportunity to hand off the #freethesea campaign printout – a petition of over 8,000 petition signatures urging Damon Albarn to release his leftover Plastic Beach content. At this point, there’s no news on whether this is a possibility. But we can surely hope.

What’s most charming is when G-U hands over their Gorillaz fanzine to Jamie – he’s so impressed!

Listen to the lovely interview with Jamie down below.

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