Gorillaz Newz: Sunday, June 2, 2019

New this week:

Become the Tiger

Not necessarily Gorillaz news, but certainly related! During this drought, we’ll take all the Damon we can get. Damon’s other project, Africa Express, released a new single on Wednesday called ‘Become the Tiger.’ The song features Sibot and Mr Jukes, and will be on the the South African-based collective’s upcoming LP, EGOLI, out July 12th. Fun fact: EGOLI will feature Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals and Remi Kabaka.

Sibot said:

“Mr Jukes and I had this infectious groove going. People would pop their heads in, those heads would start bobbing and the room grew crowded. This beat was special. Damon made a turn, he pushed through the jammed door and straight for the mic. I hit record like a panic button. Damon jumped on a bed and started making up words. He somehow arrived at ‘become the tiger’… We all started chanting it. I kicked everyone out so I could quickly capture the idea. Silly and spontaneous. The best kind!”

From https://blackmajor.co.za/news/africa-express-become-the-tiger-with-sibot-damon-albarn-mr-jukes-out-now/

Check out the club-ready track below:

Phase 2-004

User @glowrillazart found proof that Phase 2 Art was being drawn as early as 2004 via this art auction website. Would love to have a print like this.

Russ and his taxidermied pig.

New from Five Point Five

Five Point Five is an unofficial musical project influenced by Gorillaz. Five Point Five was created last year to bring Gorillaz fans and artists together to create Gorillaz-Inspired tunes. The group has released two tracks from their upcoming album on Spotify and have just added a video for their song Rainy City. Watch and listen here:

Check out the group’s Instagram page here!

Room 13

Speaking of Gorillaz-influenced bands, check out Room 13! Hailing from New Jersey, Room 13 is the creative work of Gorillaz super-fan Jack SS and friend Pedro Lemos. The pair play and write all of the tunes, with Jack SS as the singer and producer. Give them a listen – their music covers a wide variety of genres just like Gorillaz.

Hooked on Hooker

Pages from a Gorillaz edition of Hooker magazine have recently resurfaced. The magazine is from February 2006 and at the time, it had unseen and rare art. Plus, the articles are great! BIG thanks to Shane from gorillazforbeginners.wordpress.com for purchasing the magazine and posting pics. And thanks to Juss from glz_news for posting the pics on Insta:

Sign Me Up For Gorillaz 101

Jordan Powers of Gorillaztrivia has just released a brand new series, Gorillaz 101. The series is dedicated to listing several facts and trivia about our beloved band. Watch the first video below!

Garage Palace – THE GAME!

Inspired by the Garage Palace music video, user Koush Chiz VA appears to be cooking up something really cool. It looks like they are designing an actual Garage Palace game! Koush has posted some teasers on their Instagram page, including the one featured below. Can’t wait to play!

Escape to Plastic Beach AR App

I had no idea this existed until Shane from gorillazforbeginners.wordpress.com pointed this out, but there used to be an AR iPhone app during Phase 3. According to The Pervasive Media Cookbook article:

An Augmented Reality iPhone app for the band Gorillaz that allowed users to access the virtual world of the Gorillaz Plastic Beach; using image recognition users could see exclusive animation footage mapped onto their location as well as access back stage exclusive material. The application was used at big venues like the O2 arena to map the virtual brand world onto the performance location. Users accessed the Plastic Beach world by pointing their smartphones at the Gorillaz Passport made available to fans as an ad in the music press. The storyworld of Plastic Beach then unfolded for users in Augmented Reality ‘chapters’ dependent on users’ location. The app also pointed fans at ticket and download opportunities.

The Gorillaz-Unofficial ‘Zine: 2-B Out Now!

I would not be doing the fanbase justice if I didn’t mention the fabulous fanzine that fans at G-U created. Gorillaz seriously has an amazing fanbase. The second edition (2-B) came out a week ago and it includes original fan art, intriguing articles by fans, an interview with Dillon from Hallelujah Monkeyz, and MORE!

You can also read the previous editions, 2-A and 1.

Gorillaz OUTSIDERZ Out This Week

I posted previously about this but I’m still super excited over the fact that user @thatmustguy made a compilation of all Gorillaz music and rarities called OUTSIDERZ. There a 612 tracks (!!!) spanning all 5 phases. Some of this stuff I’ve never even heard before. In the Phase 2 section, Must even curated a lot of the fan music that was submitted during Phase 2’s Search for a Star campaign. That’s a lot of lost material!

Here is the link to download the compilation.

Rise of the Error

Cass Browne once said in the Hallelujah Monkeyz interview that he wrote Rise of the Ogre pretty quickly. Editors didn’t seem to date-check the ad for Murdoc’s band, The Burning Sensations. 29th of November 1994 was a Tuesday, not a Wednesday :P. Shane from gorillazforbeginners.wordpress.com pointed this one out.

The Burning Sensations were a flop.

Busted and Blue Fan Video

This fan-made video (by Trailbot) for Busted and Blue is so good and super professional. The video premiered Apr 16, 2019 so it’s not exactly new, but it was featured on gorillaz_club’s instagram feed this week.

Happy Birthday Humility

Friday, May 31 was the one year anniversary of the release of Humility and Lake Zurich. Lots of nice fan art of 2D on Instagram. Here’s one of my faves on Twitter:

What’s Denholm Doing?

Denholm Hewlett (Jamie’s son who is a videographer and photographer) has slowly been working on a Gorillaz Documentary. The documentary is speculated to capture Phase 4 live gigs and behind the scenes footage, and possibly the same with Phase 5. He posted this on his Instagram Saturday… could this mean he’s wrapping up the documentary?


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