Gorillaz News: Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hey! This is Gale, here with Sin n’ Gorillaz For Beginners for this roundup. This week’s all about the upcoming Fred Perry collab! Included is:

In-Store Portals

Fred Perry’s range is only 4 days away, and the official webpage for it has been updated with 2 types of hotspots within Fred Perry stores situated around the world. First, we have “portals” across 9 specific stores; London’s Seven Dials store in the UK & New York’s Broome Street store in the US. Second, a handful of other stores will include QR codes. What either of these will be specifically, we don’t know; but we do know one more thing from the official page. This new piece of art (see below) now features on it. Will this be a still for an animated commercial? We’ll know soon…

Fred Perry in Print

The news about this collab isn’t over, as Fred Perry stores have started distributing their latest physical newsletter magazine; this particular edition sees Gorillaz members on the cover with their interviews inside. 2 editions are being handed out along with a sticker sheet of the band in polo tees, check out the front & back covers of both editions below.

Fan Creations

Hey! Gale once again bingin’ Wobble Street. We released our newest episode, 115 in collaboration with Chako yesterday! Check it Out!

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