Gorillaz News: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sorry about the delay in news, readers! I took the long weekend to vacation down in Massachusetts, as my wonderful artist Gail has cutely depicted. Read on!

This week:

The Next Episodes (In Order)

Gorillaz confirmed (on instagram) what the final episodes of Season 1: Song Machine will be! Coming up next (in order) is Episode 8, The Valley of the Pagans, ft. Beck, then 9, The Lost Chord ft. Leee John, 10, Chalk Tablet Towers Ft. St Vincent, and 11, Dead Butterflies ft. Kano and Roxanne Arias. Don’t believe me? Watch the teaser below:

Song Machine Unboxed

Horse-head-man has been slowly unboxing different versions of Song Machine that we can order – from super-deluxe vinyl to regular CD. Song Machine is out October 23rd! See what’s in store here:

Les Inrockuptibles

This fantastic interview with Damon and Jamie reveals some interesting tidbits — such as the original story behind what the Pink Phantom is, Remi is the third (secret) member of Gorillaz, since he keeps a pulse on all the young artists out there, and that Damon says he’d be willing to work with Liam Gallagher (ha!)

You can read the entire interview here in English et en Francais: https://damonalbarnunofficial.wordpress.com/2020/10/06/gorillaz-les-inrockuptibles-october-2020/#more-4293

Almanac’s Back

Fans are excited over peeping the back of the Almanac, held here by 2D:

Possible Confirmation of a Valley of the Pagans Remix

A new remix seems to be on the way, according to Genius lyrics! See for yourself: https://genius.com/Gorillaz-the-valley-of-the-pagans-carpenter-brut-remix-lyrics

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