Gorillaz News: Sunday, April 5, 2020

This week’s roundup is brought to you by the letters G, F & B (Gorillaz for Beginners).

This week:

G Club: 28 Days Later

Fans from 2010 might remember when Gorillaz had their own fan club, Sub Division. After a lengthy decade, the band have started another fan group, this time via Facebook, titled G Club.

G Club Banner

1 day after the group’s announcement, an event known as the “28 Day Challenge” began, giving members a series of daily media recommendations from the band. So far, we’re on day 3 and all the things Gorillaz have linked can be seen below. It’s also being speculated that day 28 will be Episode 4 of Song Machine, something we’ll find out when the time eventually comes…

G-U’s New Fanzine

As reported here a couple days ago, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Plastic Beach, a lot of blood, sweat and seawater went into the latest issue of Gorillaz-Unofficial’s fanzine. The fanzine features interviews from several people who’ve worked on Gorillaz (including Cass Browne and the one and only Jamie Hewlett!) alongside tons of fanart, some amazing writeups based around the album and a large handful of scripts from the early phases of Gorillaz (some of which were never used). Check it out below.

Quarantine Quiz

Earlier today, Parlophone teamed up with @GLZ_News to host a Gorillaz quiz via their Instagram story, with a few pieces of Gorillaz clothing on offer to a couple of lucky winners who’ll be announced tomorrow. Check out the questions below.

Aries Is Almost Here

It’s hard to believe Désolé has been out for well over a month now, but the time has almost come to welcome the next episode of Song Machine with open arms, as Gorillaz reposted the teaser clip for Episode 3 on their Instagram.

How do we know the track is definitely called Aries? Because using Shazam on the snippet gives you that track title alongside the same features we saw in the recent leak, Peter Hook & Georgia.

Aries on Shazam

If the leak was 100% correct, Episode 3 should be out next Thursday. Fingers crossed…

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