Gorillaz News: Sunday, December 22, 2019

New this week:

One Night Only

This was the week for Denholm’s documentary: Reject False Icons. It officially came out in theaters worldwide for one night only – December 16. Personally, it was such a cool experience to hear some unheard tunes and to see never-before-seen footage on a big screen, surrounded by others that also care about Gorillaz as much as I do!

Within the fan community, people were generally psyched the film and all of the goodies we got to see and hear. See my review here. Here’s what others had to say:

Denholm says there is even more footage to come, with a “director’s cut” on its way.

Fans are speculating that it’ll be available on Christmas Day – the ultimate holiday gift from Gorillaz! 🙏

PS – gorillaz.com now has an official RFI poster for sale.

Live in Matera

Damon performed on December 20th for Open Future, Together, an event recognizing Matera, Italy as European Capital of Culture for 2019. On the final night of the event, he performed a 45 minute set (his first concert on just piano) seen here:

In addition to some Blur, solo work, and a cover of Jingle Bells, you can watch On Melancholy Hill at 3:57 and Busted & Blue (with Fatouma Diawara!) at 22:15.


This is SICK, and I’m not sure how I missed it back in November. Ultra talented G-fan Cede created a Gorillaz x MF Doom mashup LP called Doomrillaz. Really creative use of samples — and unexpected samples at that! You can listen to the whole album below on Youtube:

Featuring art by Ultra Killer Bear!

And here’s a bonus track:

Murdoc’s Sleighlist

Murdoc is back with another playlist to get you in the holiday spirit. Listen on Spotify here!

Happy everything, fellow fans! See you after the holidays! ❤

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