Gorillaz News: Sunday, December 8, 2019

New this week:

It’s Not Easy Being Green

WOOHOO! More art from Jamie this week! On his instagram, Jamie treated us to a never-before-seen screenshot of Murdoc, with the caption “Animatey.” Is this animation for the new music video? A new cartoon series? This cartoon style is so GOOD and I’m totally here for it!

Murdoc looking as green as green gets.

The day afterward, Jamie shared a sneak peak to perhaps another still – this time of NOODLE wearing a green “monster mitt” while playing guitar.

The mix of these different art styles is intriguing!

Gorillaz fan account EverythinGorillaz noted this could be the hand from the monster in The Rejects photo. Some folks have also looked into the background, suspecting this is Lake Como, the spot in Italy where Gorillaz were supposedly filming a new video. Entirely possible!

Boy, phase 6 is creeping up slowly, but I think it’s gonna hit with a bang in 2020! Hopefully even sooner!

Kong Studios

Today, Jamie gave us a brief tour of the NEW “Kong Studios” (I believe that this actually is Studio 13).

This video had G-fans grasping their phones for Shazam, since we’ve never heard the music before. Shazam didn’t yield any results — could this be NEW Gorillaz music? It certainly sounds like a demo…and is that Damon playing bass? Hear the ripped file here:

Documentary Location Additions

There have been some recent additions to theaters that are showing Gorillaz: Reject False Icons.

Good news for some fans in South America! What do theaters have to lose if the demand is there?

Reject False T-Shirts

New Gorillaz gear! There is a tee on sale for the new documentary.

The Golden Age of Gorillaz

G-fan KahootDoot made an insightful and excellent post on Instagram today. Gorillaz are up to something totally ingenious for 2020 – they must be! Such an exciting time to be a Gorillaz fan. Read their post below – I happen to agree with it wholeheartedly!

Omnichord – Five Point Five

The long awaited Gorillaz fan-album is HERE! Composed and produced by fans of Gorillaz – this project features 40+ collaborators and truly mirrors Gorillaz’ apparent mission of “bringing artists together.” Listen below or on Soundcloud!

Poll: Humanz or The Now Now?

Gorillaz polled fans on a relatively divisive topic this week – was Humanz or The Now Now a better phase?

While The Now Now won the Twitter poll by a thread, Humanz won by a lot on Facebook.

Many believe that The Now Now was a reactionary album to the criticism of Humanz — there being far too many collaborators and not enough 2D. Now Damon must be looking at this and scratching his head…

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