Gorillaz News: Sunday, July 21, 2019

New this week:

It’s Happening

Last Monday, the EverythinGorillaz account broke the news that they had briefly chatted to Jamie Hewlett about the future of Gorillaz. They posted the following screenshot:

This news seems to quash something that fans had been wondering about for a while: will there still be a TV series? While there won’t be a TV series, fans wonder what could possibly be much bigger than that? Was this the secret Gorillaz *related* project that Jamie was referring to in his interview with G-U? Whatever it is, it’s all very exciting!

Behind the Scenes of Busted and Blue

G-fan Trailbot created a beloved Busted and Blue fan video a while back. This week, he posted a “making of” video that outlined the creative process behind the entire project. I thought this was incredibly impressive and cool to watch. See below:

Speaking of Trailbot, it looks like he’s got another Gorillaz music video that he’s working on… supposedly it’s going to be pretty spicy. Looking forward to it!

Fan Animatics

I wanted to take a moment to feature two really excellent fan animatics, even though these were done a while back. They’re both incredibly thought out and well drawn. They also happen to be for two of my favorite Gorillaz tunes.

Hong Kong by Glow:

Plastic Beach by EelArt:


Guilherme Salgado, known for providing the internet with rare footage of Gorillaz’ first show, has an impressive collection of Gorillaz swag! You can peruse his collection at his website here: https://gorillazcollector.site123.me/

Did you know that actor Paddy Considine is also an avid Gorillaz collector? You may know him from Hot Fuzz and Peaky Blinders. His instagram is Gorillaz central — check it out below:

The Set is Complete!

Talented artist Bleeding Heartworks aka Maja McCorn has completed her set of Gorillaz figurines with the final addition of Ace! I would SO buy these.

Guiltybeatz and Other Collaborators

The fandom exploded when we learned that Ghanaian producer Guilty Beatz was in the studio with Gorillaz. He tweeted it out on Thursday:

Guiltybeatz has production credits on three of the songs on the brand new ‘The Lion King : The Gift’ album: “Find Your Way Back (Circle of Life)” by Beyonce , ‘All Ready’ by Shatta Wale and Beyonce; and ‘Keys to The Kingdom’ by Tiwa Savage and Mr Eazi. Does this mean that Guiltybeatz is producing a new Gorillaz track? A new album?

Damon was also recently quoted in an interview this past week, announcing some additional collaborations:

I mean this week – a week when I haven’t done anything else – I’ve done a tune with Massive Attack, I’ve done a tune with Moonchild, I’ve done a tune with Joan as Policewoman. That’s the way it goes. When I open the shop, anyone can come in – as long as they want to embrace the fundamentals of making music, which are an open spirit and a good ear. 

We are unsure if this means he’s working on some one-off tracks, or doing another side project, but the timing with the Guiltybeatz tweet is interesting. Damon also mentioned in a previous interview with G-U that his fantasy for the next Gorillaz project is a world music album in different languages. (thanks to G-U’er hughesta for his insights on all this!) In the wake of Egoli, could that be next? Listen to the G-U interview below:

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