Gorillaz News: Sunday, July 14, 2019

New this week:

Documentary Officially Finished

Denholm Hewlett posted big news on his Instagram story Monday: the documentary is finished! G-fans are beyond excited and speculation has it that the documentary will be out before the end of the year. There’s been some debate on what kind of platform it should come out on; some say Netflix would be a smart release, others would prefer a physical Blu-ray or DVD copy. What would you prefer and why?

The video below captures two of Denholm’s Instagram stories. The first was the announcement of the finished documentary, with what appears to be the visuals from Ticker Tape live. In the second clip, you can see Denholm taking down his post-it-wall of ideas for the documentary. What’s exciting about this second clip is that you can see the official title of this phase is ___ ___ in the Now Now. Fans think that it could be “Humanz in the Now Now.” What do you think?

Thanks to reddit user u/DamSawson for the video.

Thinking about the documentary, I had this idea. What if transitions between scenes were animated segments of the band? Perhaps clips we’ve never seen before from the animated cartoon? While the animated show was likely scrapped, it’s possible that some of the content could be solely used for the documentary. We know that we will definitely be getting a lot of never-before-seen content, so one can certainly dream.

Koushchiz VA in Idaho

The ever-talented Koushchiz VA, who is currently working on a Garage Palace game, has posted two beautiful videos of 2D and Noodle performing Idaho. Could these be for an upcoming fan music video? Can’t wait to see – these are gorgeous.


Artist Glowrillazart polled users on what Beatles cover art x Gorillaz crossover they’d like to see, and the majority chose Revolver. As a result, Glow created this beautiful and timeless piece of art:

As a Beatles and Gorillaz fanatic, this will remain a forever favorite!

Fab Fan Art

Here are some additional favorites from this week:


EGOLI (the Xhosa and Zulu name for Johannesburg) by Africa Express — Damon Albarn’s cross-cultural collaboration — was finally released this Friday! It’s already received critical acclaim including:  4 stars from NME and 4 stars from the Guardian.

Damon Albarn and Moonchild Sanelly (Denholm Hewlett)

This will certainly be on high rotation for me this summer. My recommended tracks are: Johannesburg, Bittersweet Escape, Absolutely Everything is Pointing Towards the Light, I Can’t Move and See the World. Listen below!

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