Gorillaz News: Sunday, June 30, 2019

New this week:

The Truth is Out There

Last week, there was some speculation that Denholm Hewlett’s tweet regarding “the Moment of Truth” would reveal the release date of his Gorillaz documentary. While this didn’t end up being the case, a trustworthy source has confirmed that June 25th was actually the date that Denholm hosted a private screening of the documentary to Damon, Jamie and Remi. So, “the Moment of Truth” was actually referring to the approval of the guys in charge.

The Hewlett’s Art account on Facebook posted a screen cap of the documentary, saying “it’s great!” It’s thought that Rocky, Jamie’s son, owns this Facebook account (which would explain why they post an insider’s look into Jamie’s art/other happenings):

My source has also confirmed that Denholm says the documentary will be coming out later this year. CAN’T WAIT!

Demon Days Interview Kit

The “Lost Tapes” from Phase 2 have been trickling in slowly but surely. This week, we got to see a raw interview kit that was sent to television stations by EMI for promotional purposes. Below are two versions of the kit:

  1. The completely raw tape with band answers, as well as an “ALFA Mat” section that includes pre-written questions to the band:
  2. The answers and questions edited together:

The interview kit was actually used twice (to my knowledge) during Phase 2 for two odd interviews:

  1. Popworld:
  2. The Mexican teen-drama series, Rebelde:

This kit serves as the perfect template for meme material! I’m looking forward to seeing some Gorillaz fan interviews…

The Now Now is Now 1!

Has it already been a year since The Now Now came out? To celebrate, there’s been LOTS of great fan art:

Robertfig’s Latest

Artist Robertfig has posted a beautiful piece this week – this time of Noodle!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @ robertfig on

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#Noodle 🎸

A post shared by @ robertfig on

You can see more of Robertfig’s work on his Deviantart account or IG account.

Magnifying Glasses Out for Gorillazdetails

The amazing artist Glow has a wonderful ability to pick up on details in Jamie’s art that others may not notice. To archive these differences, details, and all-around interesting observations, Glow has created a new Instagram account called Gorillazdetails:

Glow is also working on a new fanzine. Excited for all these new projects!

Trailbot Teaser

Trailbot, creator of the beautiful Busted and Blue fan video is working on a new project. Wonder what it could be?

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Doin model sheets for the upcoming project!

A post shared by Kyle Dris (@trailbotic) on

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Some noodles!

A post shared by Kyle Dris (@trailbotic) on

All Access Passes

G-fan Must found an interesting website owned by Dave Guerin, a monitor engineer that’s worked with Gorillaz, Blur, and Damon. His online resume shows every show he’s ever engineered, and he’s included scans of his all-access passes. Take a look at his site here.

G-Magazine is Back in Stock!

The official Gorillaz magazine, G-Magazine, was out of stock for a while. But worry not! It’s now available. You can order directly from the Gorillaz store.

The Fall Repressing

Not sure if this petition had anything to do with it, but Gorillaz is re-releasing The Fall on vinyl July 19th! You can pre-order the album on Rough Trade or Barnes and Noble (for a little bit cheaper!)

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