Gorillaz News: Sunday, June 16, 2019

New this week:

The Lost Tapes

As mentioned last week, Shane from Gorillaz For Beginners recently nabbed some rare/lost Betacam SP footage from the Phase 2 era. Well, the tapes have arrived! Roule was able to rip the footage and upload the following to Vimeo and Youtube respectively. Below are two EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) from EMI. The Gorillaz Demon Days (History to Date) EPK was unseen until now, which is quite exciting. Below there’s an El Mañana ident, which has been seen before, but nevertheless still fun to watch. There is also the “Murdoc Jail ident,” which, funnily enough, was supposed to air on children’s networks such as Nickelodeon and Disney. Doubt they actually did…

There are still more tapes to come, including: an Interview Kit, Idents, Phase 2 DVD ad, exclusive Demon Days interviews, and some more on the Search for a Star campaign.

9:38 includes some footage of Noodle we’ve never seen yet.

The Code

Rocky Springs, author of the Irony and Murphy’s law Gorillaz webcomics, has another work in progress that’s per usual, very well done. It’s called “The Code,” and provides an alternate take on the Phase 5 universe when Murdoc gets out of jail. You can read everything up to the latest page on Rocky’s website.

You can support Rocky’s amazing work on their Patreon site, https://www.patreon.com/rockysprings.

Denholm At Work

Last Sunday, Denholm put out an IG story indicating that he’s working on something 2.5 hours long. With the teaser paired to “Spitting Out the Demons,” it’s safe to speculate that this is for the Gorillaz documentary. A two and a half-hour documentary on Gorillaz sounds heavenly.

Above is a screenshot of a story that Denholm posted about a year ago; Jordan Powers of Gorillaz 101 recently resurfaced it. The shot gives a good indication of how the documentary will be laid out. Can’t wait!

Jamie’s Otherworldly Art

I should mention that over the past weeks, Jamie has uploaded some really beautiful art. It seems like he’s using an app called Procreate. Fans speculate that some of his work is for a certain project, but I wonder if he’s just creating art for the beauty of it. Really gorgeous stuff:

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Swimming Pool

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2001 BBC Sessions

Kwangx recently uploaded the 2001 BBC Session recorded from Radio 6 Music years ago. This has previously been available on Youtube, but the audio quality is better AND, Starshine was missing until now. The link to download the session is here.

Also, here is the original commentary (Noodle, Murdoc and Russel) from the session – audio quality isn’t quite as good ;):

Z Magazine Please!

We’re getting another fanzine! The talented Glowrillaz posted an exciting announcement on Instagram Saturday:

Pleased to announce that myself and some of my artist friends are working on an unofficial sequel to G-Magazine, released by Gorillaz at the end of Phase 4. Hopefully ready by the end of July, this digital fanzine will be comprised of about 30 pages of articles, mock interviews and art from some very talented members from this fanbase. Hopefully this will help ease the current drought of content the Gorillaz fanbase is currently experiencing. Stay tuned!

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