Gorillaz News: Sunday, June 9, 2019

New this week:

HBD Russel and Murdoc!

Big man Russ and Muds both had birthdays this week! Russ’s was on June 3 (he’s now 44) and Murdoc’s on June 6 (the old pickle is now 53). Gorillaz didn’t acknowledge the days but, of course, our fanbase did. While scrolling through instagram this week, I saw a LOT of great fan art. Here are just some of my favorites, dedicated to the birthday boyz.

And here’s a birthday message from Murdoc (VO by the ever-talented Austin Trench).

Garage Palace Game Trailer

Koushchiz VA continues to wow us with teasers of their upcoming Garage Palace game. In fact, they just released a new trailer:

We can’t wait to play this!

Gorillaz 101 – Episode 2

Jordan Powers of Gorillaz Trivia has released yet another episode of Gorillaz 101! This episode is really cool — he outlines 101 ways that Gorillaz have been referenced in pop culture. I did not know MANY of these!

Calling All Fans! Big Project Announced

A couple weeks ago, Instagram user gorillaz.fans.share (formally known as fansofgorillaz) posted an announcement calling for all G-fans to participate in a project — a compilation of fan work to thank Jamie and Damon. Here’s what they said in their post:

“Hey guys! I’m going to start a project where I make a video present for Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn, thanking them for all of the awesome years we’ve gotten of Gorillaz content. And what will make the present even more special is that it won’t just be from me; it will be a GIANT fan project! This means you can submit any of your own artwork, animations, cosplay pictures or videos, and it doesn’t just have to be for the Gorillaz – it can be related to other things Jamie and Damon have worked on too… you can also make a short video where you give a quick message saying how thankful you are…”

Gorillaz.fans.share is now looking for somebody to help with an animated intro. See the post on Instagram here – this is a great opportunity to get involved in the Gorillaz community! You can submit your work until September 30th.

FIRST EVER Gorillaz Gig Uploaded to Youtube

No, not the Camden Brownhouse.

Guilherme Salgado got his hands on a promotional VHS cassette tape that was given internally to some music channels and workers at EMI. Per Guilherme’s channel:

“The VHS cassette contains a partial recording of 7 live tracks plus little interviews with the audience before and after the show. Little was known at the time about the band that played that night on the mythical Scala Club in London on March 22nd 2001, only four days before the launch date of an album that would become a multimillionaire seller all over the world, but even more little is what the fandom has of this live era, if we’re speaking about good quality. So, for the first time ever, a group of old-school Gorillaz fans reunited to make the dream possible: The first Phase One Live Concert in HD, restored directly from a VHS and scaling the resolution in order to preserve and enhance the original intended quality.”

WOW! I love the Re-Hash visuals. Thank you for sharing this with us Guilherme!

Russel’s Playlist from CRACK Unearthed

Shane from Gorillaz For Beginners found a playlist by Russel and CRACK Magazine on Spotify.

It only has 42 followers meaning not many people are aware of this one! Check out the 19 tracks here that inspire Russel’s forceful ambition.

Rare Footage On the Way

Speaking of Shane from Gorillaz For Beginners, he’s recently nabbed some rare/lost VHS footage from the Phase 2 era. The tapes are on their way, and will need to be ripped once they arrive. Here’s just some of the lost material that we believe will be on them:

  • 4 versions of the Talent Quest Gorillabite
  • Slowboat to Hades DVD teasers
  • The winner announcement for Search for a Star
  • The Harlem Demon Days Live interviews

Stay tuned!

Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher) Fan Video

This isn’t new news, but a few months ago, this fan’s music video surfaced on the Gorillaz subreddit. We were instantly impressed by the animation — take a look for yourself!

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