Hello world, Lillaz here

Hi, I’m Lillaz. I’m an OG Gorillaz fan that has been around since 2001, back in the days of Kong Studios, the chat-o-matic, and the original gorillaz.com forums. I remember the day I learned about Gorillaz so vividly: I was at my good friend’s house, watching MTV, when Clint Eastwood came on. I had heard the song before and liked it, but the video had me instantly mesmerized. Who was this cartoon band?! I went home that day, poked around Kong Studios, and the rest is history.

Gorillaz had such a profound impact on my musical tastes – I always think of 2-D in Rise of the Ogre, where he’s described in his youth as jumping around his room to the Clash, the Specials, and so on. Gorillaz had that effect on me. Not only was I obsessed with the s/t album, but all of the other musical influences that came with Gorillaz. I learned about Cibo Matto, Augustus Pablo (eventually getting my own melodica!), the Clash, the Specials, and more. As a kid, I was very influenced by all of the pop-culture references and music that Gorillaz referenced. That was exactly what Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett set out to do, right?

Over the many years, I’ve soaked up the phases, frequenting the places where Gorillaz fans post their thoughts and feelings about the gang of four. Now, in 2019, there’s more than ever before – we have an active subreddit, Discord servers, Tumblr, Facebook, a podcast, a fanzine, and numerous twitter and Instagram accounts where information is shared. Not to mention, all the amazing fanart.

I’ve been following these channels for a while, enjoying the news, and fanart, and theories that others have contributed. This blog will be my weekly roundup of the most interesting things I find across the Gorillaz fandom. I’m sure that alone will keep me busy. 😉

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